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ALCH UNJ UWP 'PR' TOTL JK WEAR IT WITH [email protected]


Jerzi is Indie's niece. She came to us at a year and a half of age. She LOVES water, and enjoys running up and down our ditch on any day she can!! She works well with Sofie, 9, and they rock in Juniors and Weight pull!!


DOB: 12/13/2012

Weight: 52pounds

Show News:

March 3-4th 2018 at the Hamilton Roads Kennel Club show in Courtland, VA. Sofie and Jerzi took 3 1st place ribbons in the Novice Junior Division. Sofie handled her in Weight pull, finishing out Jerzi's UWP title on Sunday, and earning a Total Junior and Total Dog ribbon to boot! Jerzi took an ALTERED BEST IN SHOW, under Judge Melissa Kidd! My very first time being handed a BEST IN SHOW ribbon! It was a wonderful feeling.

2018 UKC PREMIER: Jerzi picked up 2/3 Runs towards her Coursing Aptitude title, and completed her United Novice Jumper title, and took 3rd in Finals with a 9' jump! Gooooo, Jerzi and Sofie!

December 2018 Courtland, VA: Jerzi finishes her ALTERED CHAMPION title under judge Mary E King!!! Thank you for seeing the quality in our girl. Sofie handled her in Juniors, and also in Weight Pull. They are still working on their teamwork, but Jerzi still did it for Sofie, even if it took her a little while. :)